EVERGREEN by Dot & Doodle's is a timeless Slow Fashion collection designed to last for years, both quality-wise and fashion-wise. The design and look is classic, sophisticated and in a high quality that oozes exclusivity.

Considering the brilliant quality and the flattering designs this collection really is value for money! The garments are made in a nice stretchy and heavy viscose jersey, which ensures a high level of comfort - so you’ll want to wear it again and again.

The concept of Slow Fashion is a countermove against the mindless consumerism of today, where people buy increasingly more things and throw it away without regards for the environment. Slow Fashion recommend you make this simple calculation; Price divided by the number of times you wear an item equals price per use.

You will realize that EVERGREEN by Dot & Doodle's is genuine Slow Fashion at a very reasonable and fair price. You’ll save a lot of money and do good for the environment as well as support a small business local to Europe and Denmark.