Dot & Doodle’s responsibility for the environment and people.

When we make dresses at Dot & Doodle’s we are aware that we are only allowed temporary use of the planet, and we would like to hand it over to the future generations in a good state.

We believe in responsibility and sustainability, and we would like to share how the dresses are made - from the very first sketch to the finished sustainable garment is hanging in your wardrobe.

Most of the fabrics we use for the dresses are made from viscose which is a regenerated fibre. Regenerated fibres consist of cellulose, which is recovered from for example trees. In comparison cotton is also made from cellulose but the cotton fibres can be used immediately and does not have to be processed. We have chosen the viscose as it does not have to be picked and transported from far-away countries like the cotton, but it has the same lovely qualities as cotton in terms of breathability and softness. And on top of that the viscose is beautiful to look at and has a lovely drape and flow to it.

We have chosen to manufacture the Dot & Doodle’s dresses close to home, more precisely in Italy. We chose Italy as we know our Italian colleagues are paid a decent wage and have proper working conditions and a standard of living very much like ours. At the same time, we know that the fabrics are printed without harmful toxins and fully meets the requirements of the EU, although without a certificate. A certificate is very expensive and this is a cost which smaller companies cannot afford, but still they are respecting and living up to those standards.

Our knitted styles are made in Denmark and made from yarns that have the Oeko-Tex® standard 100 certificate. Oeko-Tex® is the world's leading health declaration for textiles. You recognize it by the label “Confidence in Textiles”. The label shows that the garment has been tested and approved by the international Oeko-Tex®-Association. Their demands concern the level of chemicals allowed in the fibres, chemicals that harm the body or are suspected of harming the body. Certificate no. 96.0.7625.

As our dresses are manufactured close to the consumer, and only have to be transported from Italy or Denmark instead of half way around the globe, we are gentle to the environment in terms of fuel for transport.

Another important benefit from manufacturing in Italy and Denmark is that we are sure to deliver superbly good quality, which we are very proud of. And we love to brag that Dot & Doodle's dresses are “Made in Italy” or "Made in Denmark".

We hope you like our thoughts and background for Dot & Doodle’s, and hope you will enjoy our non toxic clothes for many years - and then pass it on to the next user.