All about the Dot & Doodle’s dresses

Dot & Doodle’s dresses are beautiful and sustainable and they are “made with love in every stitch”..

Dot & Doodle’s dresses are made by a small Danish clothing company where sustainability is highly valued. The dresses are unique and feminine and designed with a sense of humour. Behind these beautiful wardrobe favourites is a professional and skilled designer who knows how important it is to have a good and flattering fit. The dresses are manufactured in a small-scale production in Italy and Denmark and every month new quality dresses are added to the collection.

The name behind the Dot and Doodle’s dresses comes from a stylish and slightly snobbish but very lovely friend couple; a cat and dog named Dot & Doodle. The pair are genuine fashionistas and travel to big cities around the globe to pick up on the latest trends and they always have a fashion quote ready. Our two friends are a bit smug and without any comparison to other designers and fashionistas what so ever. They say about the dresses:

Dot & Doodle’s dresses are designed for:

  • - walking the dog in New York
    - power shopping in Paris
    - riding the bicycle in Copenhagen
    - meeting friends for cocktails i London
    - dining out with your soulmate in Barcelona
    - partying with the friends in Amsterdam
    - making a colourful career anywhere
    - petting the cat at home